Signs You Didn't Get the Job


A common mistake jobseekers make is to wait too long for a response to an application. Here are some common signs that you didn’t get the job. 



  • Sometimes, jobseekers wait too long for a response from one company before moving on 
  • When job hunting, it’s always a good idea to apply to multiple jobs from different companies to ensure that you explored all opportunities 
  • Don’t wait too long – check for these signs that you didn’t get the job 


A common mistake jobseekers make is to wait too long for a response to an application. While the recruitment process can take a long time (depending on the company and their process), it’s important to recognize when you may not have gotten the job so you can move on and look for opportunities elsewhere. 

Here are some common signs that you didn’t get the job. 


You hear different excuses each time you follow up 

Each time you follow up, there’s always a new reason as to why the process is taking so long. You might hear reasons like they are waiting for approvals, going over budgets, finalizing requirements, so on, and so forth. But if each time you follow up there’s some kind of new reason, they may actually no longer be hiring or the role might have been put on hold. 


Recruiter can’t get in touch with the company 

If you go through a recruiter rather than directly to the company, one of the problems you might encounter is that the recruiter can’t get in touch with the company. Sometimes companies disappear from recruiters and don’t give them feedback. When this happens, ask your recruiter to find other opportunities for you outside of that company. 


Lack of professionalism during communications 

If your interviewer is always late or interviews are always rescheduled, it might signal trouble down the line. Whether there are organization issues within the company or they are just giving you the ‘run around’, it might be time to look for new opportunities – at least for back up. 


Your interview felt way too short 

Interviews usually last anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour, but research has actually shown that 60% of hiring managers can make their decision within the first 15 minutes of an interview, while 26% make their decision within just five minutes. If your interview focused only on your resume and didn’t dig any deeper, or you feel like it was cut short, it’s probably best to move on to your next opportunity. 


They didn't tell you what the next steps are

A hiring manager won’t let a candidate go without knowing what the next steps are. Companies always have a process when it comes to hiring. If after your initial interview, they didn’t mention whether there will be other interviews or other tasks, or if they didn’t even give you a rough timeline of when you can hear back, it might mean you didn’t get the job. 


Your interviewer didn't seem interested 

Sometimes the strongest signs are from your own “gut feeling”. If you feel like the interview didn’t go well at all or the interviewer wasn’t really listening to you, it might mean that they’ve already made up their mind. Although sometimes you can be wrong, if you feel the interview didn’t go well and your interviewer wasn’t interested, try looking for other opportunities.  


Final thoughts 

There are a number of reasons why a company doesn’t get back to you even just to say “no” to your application. If you feel that the interviewer wasn’t interested, if there were no next steps given, the interview was too short, or you keep hearing different excuses when you follow up, it may mean you did not get the job.  

Don’t waste too much time waiting for a response from just one company. When job hunting, you should apply to multiple jobs from multiple companies to ensure that you explore all opportunities.


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