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Embark on an Immersive Career Mission in the Metaverse

Recruitday Welcomes You to a 24/7 Virtual Talent Space

Get matched to tech job opportunities and explore network interactions on the Philippines’ first-ever career platform set in the metaverse. A virtual space created for tech professionals, Recruitday Metaverse aims to help local talents explore and pursue their chosen track with an immersive experience. You can access free resources and training courses and watch tech talks whenever you want as well as meet like-minded individuals and industry experts.

Seek connections. Discover hidden potential. And be part of conversations throughout your spatial virtual career journey, the first of its kind in the Philippine tech job market.

Welcome to Recruitday Metaverse

Nonstop Career Building

Get access to resources all day and night as the metaverse is always open and active to guide you in your chosen direction. From identifying the tech field you want to matching your skills to relevant positions, you may receive assistance in moving forward.

  • Learn from tech experts through talks and courses
  • Know about our community and technology partners
  • Access relevant resources for your chosen tech track
  • Get matched to jobs that require the skills you have
  • Earn Recruitday tokens to redeem exclusive prizes

Community & Networking

Attend meet-ups and socials with people who share your interests and participate in games and contests. Recruitday talent specialists are also ready to give professional advice on meeting your goals and vision. The metaverse is a great place to build a community with both professionals and beginners as you get to invite individuals to a one-on-one conversation, small group discussion, or large gathering.

Connection to Top Companies

Connect with top companies that provide tech jobs that match your goals and abilities. Based on your skills and experiences, Recruitday talent specialists will match you to prospective employers and schedule you for interview. Share your profile, and we’ll be your tech job matchmaker!

The Launch Day





Join us on our flight to the Metaverse on June 10, 2022, and be one of the first to experience Web3!

Tech Talks

Gain insights from industry leaders as they share their knowledge and experiences. Brief talks will be held on the main stage for everyone to watch.

Live Recruitment

Engage with Recruitday talent specialists who are ready to assist you in your tech career search.

  • Visit our recruitment booth for one-on-one consulting
  • Get career insights and advice on your chosen tech track
  • Based on your specific skills and job preferences, Recruitday will match and schedule you for interviews with competitive companies

Community and Networking

Meet and join like-minded individuals looking to upskill through training and courses. Our technology partners and industry advisors will be there to coach and give you direct access to tech job opportunities. The metaverse is also a venue to form a community of both experts and budding professionals and to expand your network.

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Job opportunities are curated based on your profile's interests, making your feed clear and specific to your career goals. To secure the right job for you, it's important to focus on opportunities that match the track you choose.


The tech industry continues to advance and so should your skillset. Both free and paid, short and long courses, and self-paced and instructor-led lessons are available on our platform, thanks to our partner educators and institutions. .


Having a community of learners is instrumental to success. Engage and network with industry experts and fellow tech professionals through group discussions, talks, and conferences.

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