SEPTEMBER 07, 2022

Time is crucial when hiring IT professionals, especially for roles that are in demand. Great talents constantly get offers, and many don’t sit around waiting for a call they’re not sure is coming. A long, drawn-out hiring process is costly for businesses in terms of money, time, and energy. Many might not realize it, but slow hiring adversely affects the business.  

Wasted Resources  

A lengthy hiring process consumes time and money that could have been directed to training. Instead of starting to train new employees to be productive in their new roles, you are letting days go by without someone covering the position.   

Loss of Excitement  

Enthusiasm about the prospect of a new job is a powerful tool a company can use to attract talents. Candidates are excited about the new position, which fuels their drive to learn, grow, and contribute to the company. However, a long and tedious hiring process may kill the enthusiasm and replace it with frustration and anxiety. Candidates who keep waiting will be disillusioned and go to companies that are more eager to have them.  

Dropping Productivity and Customer Satisfaction  

The longer a position is vacant, the more productivity suffers. All team members will soon carry the burden of the unfilled role as they will have to shoulder the tasks that no one is doing. It can then translate into poor customer service. When a position doesn’t fulfill its purpose, customers will eventually feel something is missing.  

When productivity and customer service drop, the company’s reputation will be in peril. It would also reflect poorly on the company from the perspective of the IT talent community. Candidates share their hiring experiences, and when complaints about your recruitment processes rise, talents might look at your company in a bad light.   

A poor hiring process significantly impacts a business; thus, companies need to enhance their systems and learn the best hiring processes. It could start with understanding the causes of a long, drawn-out hiring process. Some of the reasons for this are the following:  

  • Unclear job descriptions  
  • Poor talent pool  
  • Slow screening process  
  • Inefficient interview process  
  • Lack of quick decision-making  

Understanding the root of the problem will allow you to address it. One solution to a flawed hiring process is to work with an experienced tech recruitment agency with an established fast, and efficient hiring system. Recruitday’s goal is to help businesses and organizations hire tech professionals quicker and more effectively by focusing on specific recruitment areas. 

1. Quality of tech candidates

Having a pool of high-quality IT talents makes hiring faster and easier as candidates are guaranteed qualified. You can avoid wasting time on weeding out unqualified IT candidates. Recruitday maintains and nurtures its tech talent community to ensure that all job seekers have the skills, knowledge, and experience companies are looking for.

2. Ease of hiring journey  

Having too many steps for the candidates to take before knowing the result of their application could turn candidates off. Recruitday prevents this by having a seamless and convenient process through its career platform. The platform does it all for candidates and employers. IT talents can create their profiles, find available jobs, and once they apply, Recruitday will immediately reach out to them and process their application.

3. Speed of hiring process 

Recruitday does the screening of candidates to give you a shortlist of the most qualified individuals who have passed the initial interview based on your specific requirements. It eliminates the need to browse through dozens of CVs, vet each candidate, and do initial interviews, making the process faster and easier for you and the applicants.   

Hiring IT professionals doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process. Complicated processes might even drive away candidates instead of attracting them. Access to top IT talents, a career platform that matches you with suitable candidates, and an efficient process of vetting applicants are your best bet to fill IT roles. 

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SEPTEMBER 07, 2022

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