JULY 27, 2022

Serverless mobile applications are a new concept, but the digital world realizes its potential. Airbnb, Nike, and Netflix are among the popular applications that are already utilizing serverless computing, whose market is likely to reach $9.17 billion by the end of 2023.   

Serverless architecture offers many advantages, as touched on at Recruitday's Community Socials last July 8, 2022. Software Engineer Gerome Pagatpatan held the talk on "How to Build Serverless Mobile Application Using React Native and AWS" to help IT professionals who want to advance their careers in the cloud. The method is significantly creating clean and concise codes.  

The 'Server' in Serverless  

Just because it's called serverless computing doesn't mean it doesn't have a server. It still uses a server, but the user can only see the code. The way the code logic operates is the same as with physical servers and operating systems (OS); however, the OS, virtual machines, and servers are hidden.   

Two approaches are used in serverless mobile applications.   

Function-as-a-service - where the user can write codes while the service providers handle all the aspects. Microservices architecture is employed for seamless functioning, and functions and logic reflect on the front end.   

Backend-as-a-service – in this service, back end development is automated, with the service provider managing all aspects in the back end. Third-party services also maintain the internal state of logic.  

There's a reason serverless applications are gaining ground in the tech industry, and it is the benefits that traditional mobile application development lacks.   

The Pros of Serverless Mobile Apps  

Cost-Effective and UX-Focused  

Using serverless computing in mobile app development saves money as virtual servers handle various tasks, including image processing and presence detection. In terms of operating serverless clouds such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, you will only have to pay for what you use. This setup allows a company to develop its apps without spending on monitoring activities.   

Since serverless computing takes away the maintenance work, you can use that time to focus on enhancing the user experience. The better the user experience, the higher the possible conversion rate, allowing you to get value for your money.  

Speedy Development  

As businesses strive to keep up with the ever-changing digital trends, they find faster ways to develop mobile applications that meet their customers' needs. Serverless computing is the answer as it offers scalability, executes functions individually, and optimizes them. Any changes are automatically integrated and validated.   

Mobile app development is complex, but serverless computing seamlessly divides into smaller and manageable tasks. With this system, the developers will likely boost their productivity.  

Ease of Control  

Due to the automation serverless computing provides, you have complete control over the mobile app development process. You can manage each feature separately for convenient migration, and you can facilitate metadata creation and encoding. Security and performance maintenance goes to the cloud service provider, so all your attention can go to the actual development.   

While serverless mobile app development offers numerous benefits, developers, particularly beginners, might face a challenging learning curve. FaaS tools may prove difficult despite serverless computing's comprehensive documentation.   

In addition, debugging a serverless app might be tricky when there's a massive amount of individual functional containers. The public cloud domain doesn't allow a debugger, so the process can require lots of time and effort.   

The pros, however, outweigh the cons. Mobile app developers can also prepare themselves for these challenges by upskilling and learning new techniques in using serverless computing. That way, they can deal with any issues that come their way.   

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JULY 27, 2022