Written by Ly Poticar

OCTOBER 26, 2018

Last September, Recruitday launched their latest service, the Recruitday Scouts, with the goal of helping businesses source highly qualified candidates while giving anyone the chance to earn some extra cash.

The Recruitday Scouts are a growing community of working professionals, part-timers, freelancers, (basically anyone), who connect their friends to job vacancies from multiple companies using Recruitday’s Social Referral Recruiting Platform. The Social + Referral Recruiting model is a new approach to recruitment, transforming the process for employers, recruiters, and job seekers alike.

The service combines the reach of a person’s social network with the effectivity of referrals. Through the online portal, companies post job openings then Scouts refer qualified candidates from their network to those positions. In return, Scouts get rewarded with cash throughout different points in the hiring process.

In the Philippines, there are 67 million users on Facebook. The average person can have anywhere between 440 to 2,000+ connections. These connections mostly consist of family, friends, and colleagues. And while a large number of those connections are people you haven't seen in a long time - like grade school or high school classmates and even ex-colleagues, the fact that almost everyone has a social profile allows you to keep in touch and personally connect with them for job referrals.

This means that companies are no longer limited to the personal networks of their own employees via employee referral programs. Now, they can also unlock access to the connections of the Scouts. This is good news for companies who have difficulty sourcing candidates.

Additionally, the Scouts are not limited only to Metro Manila, as people have signed up from all over the Philippines, including Ilocos, Baguio, San Fernando, Bulacan, Batangas, Mindoro, Naga, Palawan, Davao, and more, effectively reaching job seekers from all over the country.

Most importantly, referred candidates are of higher quality and are a better fit for the job because they are endorsed by someone else. Joel Garcia, Recruitday’s CEO and Founder, explains that “the Scouts know the candidates personally. In a way, they can already tell if he or she is fit for the position before referring them”. The Scouts act as the first stage in the recruitment process. They filter their connections by looking at people they believe will fit in with the job. This way, companies receive pre-screened candidates.

Garcia adds how Recruitday is "focused on quality rather than quantity. It works because first of all, the referral process on its own increases the chances of getting quality candidates. Then when you add the component of social recruitment, it multiplies the chances of finding the best candidate even further."

Anyone who is interested in becoming a Scout can sign up by clicking here.

OCTOBER 26, 2018