NOVEMBER 16, 2018

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. It encompasses a broad range of fields in the service industry such as hotels/lodging, food and beverage, recreation, transportation, and tourism.

In order for businesses in the hospitality industry to run effectively, it relies on multiple services or external companies to assist them. Mosaic Solutions is a company that does that. They bring in technology and focus on providing a suite of profit optimizing solutions.

Here’s why we think Mosaic Solutions is one of the more exceptional employers around.

Salo-salo Friday

Founded in 2016, Mosaic is a team made up of 35 employees (mostly from the Operations Department) in the Manila office and over 50 other employees scattered across the Region. Their office hours vary depending on specific job roles. There are several 8/9-hour shifts throughout the day. However, every first Friday of the month, the whole team enjoys a company salo-salo. These monthly gatherings allow employees to come together and bond over delicious food. It is a valuable opportunity to get to know one another, especially those who do not work the same shift or are in different departments. It also helps broaden perspectives because of the different topics usually discussed during mealtime. When employees are amiable towards one another, it fosters a better work environment for all. Support Through Mentorship

Mosaic Solutions runs a Mentorship Program where they pair experienced employees with newly hired employees. The senior employee gives advice and guidance to the new hire in order to encourage professional development. This also helps the new hire learn the ropes of the company and its culture.

Mentorship usually comes in the form of training, but it can also be through socialization of the new employee. Some people struggle with getting to know others in their new workplace – especially if it is a large company. An advantage of having a mentor with you during the early stages of work is that you feel more welcome right away because someone has taken you under his/her wing.

Having a Mentorship Program isn’t only beneficial to the new employee – it also helps the mentor. When companies pair experienced employees with someone new, it speaks of the trust the company has on the more senior employee, and the reliability that they see in him/her to mentor someone new. This leads to feeling valued and appreciated. Needless to say, employee turnover is low in places where employees feel valued and feel that they have a real contribution, not just to the work itself but to their work community as well.

The Gold Standard of Hospitality Solutions

Mosaic Solutions offers profit optimization solutions, consultative services, and business intelligence/data analytics across Asia and Africa. They service clients from six different countries and are looking to expand further to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Their services include inventory management for Food and Beverages, Point of Sales systems, Purchasing systems, and business intelligence/analytics. These products are all integrated with an automated physical inventory product.

Available Jobs at Mosaic Solutions

There are currently several opportunities to join this amazing team. Visit Mosaic's company profile page here and you might find one for yourself or someone you know. Refer the right people, and you can get substantially rewarded when they get hired.

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NOVEMBER 16, 2018