Joel Garcia

Written by Joel Garcia

APRIL 25, 2019


The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is a large one in the Philippines. There are about 851 registered BPO companies in the country, employing more than half a million people. According to data from 2017 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index, the country is ranked seventh in the world’s top outsourcing destinations, creating huge demand for BPO jobs. In fact, it is expected that there will be about 700,000 additional opportunities by 2022.


With so many BPOs set up in the country, it’s important that they provide benefits for their employees that can give them a competitive advantage. Infinit-O is not only a company that provides all kinds of benefits for their employees, but they are also extremely dedicated to delivering highly specialized solutions, servicing clients all over the world and helping them succeed.

Who Is Infinit-O?

Infinit-O is a global solutions provider which was incorporated in 2005. They help small to medium-sized companies from multiple industries grow and thrive through the provision of their numerous solutions. Their specialty lies in their deep domain expertise in healthcare, finance & accounting, research & data management, and Contact Center services. They have over 500 employees to date, with their Financial Services Team being the largest of them all.

Sleeping in the office?

As a BPO that operates 24 hours a day with employees that work during different shifts, one of the best things they offer are sleeping quarters. It may seem like something small, but when you’ve been working long (or odd) hours, having a few minutes of shut-eye can help regenerate a tired mind and body.


To help nurture a healthy body and spirit even further, Infinit-O has various clubs employees can sign up for, such as a Basketball Club, Running Club, and more, giving employees a chance to be active and bond through sports.

Rewards for good work

BPOs often give out performance rewards and bonuses, and Infinit-O is no exception. They hand out Tokens for Commended Employees, Birthday Tokens, provide free lunch for teams with perfect attendance, and offer a competitive employee referral bonus for employees that help them grow their team further.

To top it all of is a year-end party, family day, summer outings, and quarterly company sponsored team buildings – allowing everyone the chance to not only unwind and have fun but get to know each other in order to work more effectively with each other.

Available Jobs at Infinit-O

There are currently several opportunities to join the Infinit-O team and enjoy all the benefits they offer. Visit Infinit-O's company profile page here and you might find a job for yourself.

Know someone who would fit in perfectly with Infinit-O?
Refer Infinit-O jobs with them and get cash rewards in return if they get hired. Learn more about the Scouts program here.


APRIL 25, 2019