AUGUST 06, 2019


Being part of the workforce comes with a lot of stress and nervousness. A pile up of these negative emotions can sometimes make your work suffer which can cause demotivation to creep in. You start to question why you get up every morning to go to work and get that bread. But hey, they’re just the blues. 

Here are a few simple but helpful tips that can help keep these negative feelings at bay and continue the ambitious drive. 


1. Have a cup’o coffee

There’s just something about that warm drink that feels so distinctly comforting. Caffeine, other than keeping you awake from sleepiness, can actually help you stay more focused and alert. Another plus is that coffee tastes delicious and can be prepared in many different ways.


2. Take a stroll

Sometimes all you need to do is step away from the bright screen of your laptop and take a breather. Going for a walk will help clear your mind and get your blood flowing, allowing the creative juices to enter your brain that enables you to work better.


3. Remember why you started in the first place (envision your end goal)

Sometimes it can be hard to remember why you grind day in and day out. The repetition can make you jaded and unmotivated to continue. What can help with the negative feelings is remembering why you started in the first place. Envisioning your goals will give you the surge of motivation you need to seize the day. 


4. Network where you work

The workplace is more than just a place to work. Getting to know your colleagues will be highly beneficial as it can make going to work more exciting and can help an individual become more collaborative. Making friends also never hurt and you’ll have someone to share your work stresses with regularly.


5. Recharge your batteries

Waking up early everyday just to get to work on time can take a toll on an individual's body. Or maybe you’ve just been burning the midnight oil too often and you lack a few nights of restful sleep. In either case, you come to work too tired to function at your best. It’s important to listen to your body and what it needs, and if what it needs is sleep then you should give in to it! A mid-day nap can re-energize you and you’ll have enough energy to keep the grind going.



6. There really is no “I” in “Team”

Team building exercises are done for a reason! Other than fostering camaraderie and friendship, team building also exhibits a fair amount of competitiveness that pushes you to do your best and to succeed. Push for it in your own team.


7. Pat yourself on the back

It is important to celebrate achievements at work. Validation for the hard work and effort you’ve put into something not only feels fulfilling but acts as motivation that pushes you to work harder to continue your achievements. 


8. Remember that you never fail, only learn

We don’t always achieve our goals right away. Sometimes there can be setbacks even when you were performing at your very best. This can be discouraging, but should only really be viewed as a learning opportunity for next time.


9. Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done

Tackling a number of tasks everyday will help you feel like you’re on top of your work. Sometimes it’s easier to look at the individual parts of the bigger picture in order not to get intimidated. Once you check off the tasks that you delegated to do that day, it will feel immensely fulfilling as you reach towards your goals. 


10. Re-ignite your passion 

There is nothing more demotivating than doing work you have no interest in. Perhaps it’s the job, or perhaps it’s the mindset you currently have. A shift in thinking can greatly affect how you work. By shifting to a more positive mindset everyday, interest in your work will naturally come. If it isn’t the mindset that needs changing, then maybe it’s time to find a new job.

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AUGUST 06, 2019