How To Stay Motivated During The Longer ECQ


 Key points:

  • It’s okay to feel super unproductive right now - times are not normal
  • Start your day with gratitude
  • Set small daily goals and reward yourself for completing them
  • Get moving
  • Connect with your colleagues online for virtual inumans and game night
  • Make post-it notes with inspirational quotes
  • Continue to take care of yourself


The Extended Community Quarantine (ECQ) throughout NCR and a few other parts of the country has been extended until May 15, 2020 - and chances are, you’re starting to feel a slowdown in productivity and maybe even a lack of motivation. 

We have been stuck at home for more than a month now and we have a few more days to go, which means that we have to keep pushing and going despite the tired and weary feeling of cabin fever.

If you’re starting to feel like productivity (and maybe even happiness) is starting to slow down, here are some tips to help you get back on the groove until this ECQ is over.

Start your day with gratitude

We need to remind ourselves that each breath is a blessing, and a new day is a great way to remember that. When you wake up or before you work, write down even just one thing you are grateful for and see how it will change your mood and outlook.


Set smaller daily goals 

You know that happy feeling you get when you cross something off your checklist? When you make smaller goals, you’ll more likely get it done. Then each time you get one thing done, you’ll feel happier and more motivated to continue working. It’s a wonderful cycle.


Reward yourself

Nothing motivates us better than rewards. It can be small like a 5-minute break after getting a task done, a cookie for completing that article, or a bottle of ice-cold beer at the end of a productive day. You can even set a big goal like a beach trip once this pandemic is over IF you completed all major deliverables during ECQ. Just pick a reward that will truly motivate you.


You’ve got to move it, move it

We’ve been stuck in one place for so long now. Being trapped at home might turn into being trapped on your sofa or on your bed, as tiredness may start to creep in. Combat it by moving. Walk while on a phone call, do 10 jumping jacks every 30 minutes, dance to loud music once a day - anything to make sure your body doesn’t end up numb and rigid.


Virtual inuman sessions, game-nights, or just chat with colleagues

Thanks to online communication tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or even just Facebook, you can still connect with your colleagues. While some places in Metro Manila is still under a liquor ban, you can host a game night or even just chat. Touching base with people in your life can keep your spirits up during this time, especially if you’re home alone.


Make post-it notes with inspirational quotes

…then post it all over your house or work area where you can see it frequently. This simple thing can give you a boost during isolation. Try it and see.


Keep taking care of yourself

Exercise and drink lots of water, especially now that summer is here. Experiment on different healthy recipes, load up on fruits and vegetables and set some time for relaxation. Keep your immune system strong so you feel great enough to continue work and healthy enough to go back to the office when the time comes.


Need more advice? Check out these tips from former monk, Jay Shetty on how to stay calm, happy, and present during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

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