The End of Face-to-Face Interaction


As COVID-19 takes its toll on the world and changes the way institutions are seen to function, these are predictions by one of the workforce for the future of the workforce and their place in these institutions.



  • With the establishment of new institutional rules, major changes will also take place in individual behavior.
  • Certain institutions may see decline, death or total transformation post-quarantine.
  • In a period of transition, platforms like Recruitday can mitigate some difficulties that are bound to be affecting the workforce. 


We hear it everyday, “the new normal”, “working from home”, “economic recession”, and other COVID-19 buzzwords. These words flash everyday on screens worldwide, but how important are they to the layman?

These key terms don’t mean much to an individual person the way it does to the very institutions that they belong to - the private sector, the government, education, or healthcare.


Gone are the regular, daily routines...

A lot of changes can be expected in every level of our daily lives; from the way we work to how we interact with our family. Coming home from work, parents will advise their children to refrain from the beso (a greeting kiss or hug), family plans that were originally meant to be adventures are now limited by travel bans and fear of infection. When they send the kids to school, parents will be packing facemasks and hand sanitizers into their lunchboxes alongside the re-emerged home-cooked meal because buying outside food is too risky.


The gaining popularity of online internships and ebooks

Universities and schools will take a hit too. Schools are already making the switch to online classes and those that aren’t, choose to remain closed for the time being. When things begin opening up again, certain changes will be made to the learning process which may affect students in more than just an educational sense. Class sizes may be reduced to maximize social distancing, while schedules may also be minimized in order to keep students at home longer. Exposure and on-the-job training programs have also been cancelled because of the health risks, perhaps signalling a boom in the field of online internships.

There is also the potential for a major decrease in library traffic (not like they were very popular in the first place). Once a place of peaceful reading, libraries may find that the fact that books go through a hundred hands every day to be their downfall. To combat this, there will continue to be a boom in online libraries, not just individual ebooks but online subscriptions with access to an entire database.


Changes to the office environment

From a corporate standpoint, the consensus could be anything from adopting long-term work-from-home-policies, rearranging the office layout, or an unfortunate furlough in the workforce, if not a total shutdown. Although the state of their employment is critical, workers also ponder on the fact that the work relationships they have built may cease to exist, they might no longer shake hands with new connections, they may have to go to work sweating inside a PPE suit, sit six feet apart from their coworkers, and even lose their breakroom fridge. 


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Now is a time of transitions for everyone and not just in the office. Luckily, there are many companies looking to ease this transition for everyone in all aspects. Recruitday knows just how difficult the transition to the new workplace might be which is why they are offering a means for workers to go on the job hunt without risking their health. By enabling them an option to look for work online, they ease the burden on candidates. And though it is only one aspect of employment, it can still take a major weight off a lot of our shoulders.

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