Management by Fear: Why It's the Enemy of Engagement

Do you constantly worry about losing your job, damaging your reputation, or feeling worthless and bad at what you do? You might not notice it right away and you may not necessarily have a scary boss, but your workplace may have a pervading culture of fear. However, all organizations should accept the notion that fear doesn't belong in the workplace.


How CSR Impacts Employee Engagement

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is a win-win for both employees and the organization. It provides an avenue for your employees to contribute to society and a way to foster an engaged and productive work environment.


Diversity and Engagement: A Different Approach for Different People

When you think of workplace diversity, what image comes to mind? How does your company value and promote diversity? Let's look at the different types of diversity and how they can create a strong and inclusive employee engagement strategy.

SB 1571

Right to Flexible Working: A Right Every Filipino Worker Deserves

The Philippine Senate has passed Senate Bill No. 1571, otherwise known as the Alternative Working Arrangement Bill or ‘flexitime bill.’ This amends the Philippine Labor Code with the goal of promoting work-life balance among Filipino employees. Flexible time, often referred to as flexitime, is an alternate work arrangement that allows an employee to choose the start or end time of their workday.

Data Privacy Act

Your Employee Referral Program Might Be Violating the Data Privacy Act

In a time where the “war for talent” is at its peak, Employee Referral Programs offer a measurable competitive advantage. The problem is that most Employee Referral Programs, especially traditional manual ones, have the potential for violating the Data Privacy Act (DPA).

Company Culture

Care and Culture

Corporate Culture is often defined as the set of beliefs and behaviors that determine how the company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions.

Recruitday Scouts

A New Era of Recruitment is Here

Last September, Recruitday launched their latest service, the Recruitday Scouts, with the goal of helping businesses source highly qualified candidates while giving anyone the chance to earn some extra cash.