MAY 29, 2018

Looking around the horizon of Metro Manila, you may have noticed an increase in structural developments and roadway constructions appearing on all corners. This is all a result of the Government’s massive and ambitious flagship program, “Build Build Build”.

Today, May 29, 2018, marks the official launch of Build Build Build’s sidekick - “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs".

“Jobs Jobs Jobs” is an online job portal with the intention of assembling all employment opportunities from all participating construction companies and concessionaires in the Build, Build, Build program - making it easier to find and apply for the jobs generated by the program. The jobs portal, which is powered by, is set to go live today at 5 PM.

According to Mark Villar, the Secretary for the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the Jobs, Jobs, Jobs Portal will “serve as a job matching platform between potential employers and employees as the government moves to complement its Build Build Build infrastructure initiatives with more job opportunities for Filipinos.”

This acceleration of infrastructure and development of industries requires massive manpower and will generate over 2 million jobs for the Filipino people - lining up with the vision of the Administration to decrease unemployment from 5.5% to 3-5% by 2022.

The surge of available jobs also brings the hope that Filipino workers abroad will come home. “The new portal will enhance our goal of reaching Filipinos here and abroad to join the Government’s infrastructure push,” Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade noted. Jobs on the platform include Auto-cad Operators, Carpenters, Civil Engineers, Construction Managers, Electrician, Engineers, Foreman, HR Staff, Laborer, Masons, Mechanic, Operator, Painters, Plumber, Project Managers, Road Roller Operator, Scaffolder, Surveyors, Welders, and many more.

These job listings can be found on Build Build Build's website or you can click here.

With Build Build Build and Jobs Jobs Jobs working hand in hand, the hope is that there will be enough jobs for returning overseas workers to stay in the country, for OFWs return home, and for unemployed Filipinos to no longer feel the need to leave the country and their families in search of a means to provide for the people they love.

MAY 29, 2018