NOVEMBER 02, 2021



  • Many features of an applicant tracking system can automate tasks that normally take a lot of time to do manually.
  • Applicants also benefit from an ATS because it can improve their overall experience.
  • Certain applicant tracking systems can even be customized to tailor fit to a business's specific needs.
  • An ATS with analytics and reports can help businesses make better decisions.


An applicant tracking system, more commonly known as an ATS, is an automated solution meant to help manage various parts of the HR process from recruitment to onboarding. By automating core aspects of recruitment, for example, it will be easier to understand the steps of the hiring process, where communication bottlenecks occur, and what else about the process can be streamlined, etc. 

Typical features of an ATS include simple job posting to multiple websites, centralized storage of data, messaging capabilities, recruiter analytics/reporting, and more.

With all its available features, however, the question still remains: how exactly can having an ATS help HR?


Upgrade the recruiting and hiring process

The benefits of an ATS are most obvious when a company is recruiting new talent. Tasks that typically require hours of work, like scanning through resumes to remove non-qualified applicants, can be completed both easier and faster with an ATS through features such as resume parsing. Other tasks such as sending notifications to candidates and scheduling interviews can also be automated through an ATS, which can save HR departments precious time and energy.

Some ATS programs even allow you to set pre-identified standards and qualifications to filter out the best candidates. Others allow you to input certain keywords such as “electrical engineering” to scan for in a resume. This not only improves the quality of the hire but helps recruiters avoid wasting time on unqualified candidates. 


Improve the candidate experience

The benefits of an ATS are a two-way street. Applicants to a position stand to benefit just as much as the recruiters themselves.

First, an ATS can send out automatic updates to an applicant, providing regular and timely communication that goes a long way for engagement. Applicants who feel that an organization cares enough to reach out and give constant updates are much likelier to accept your offer.

Certain ATS’ even have websites and applications that make applying as easy as attaching a PDF of a resume and answering a few screening questions. An easy and accessible application lets candidates quickly apply for a job, making for a much better experience overall. Additionally, a quicker application process means hired candidates will be able to start their new roles much earlier. 

Tailor the recruiting process

Every company has different needs. With a customizable ATS, companies can tailor the recruitment process to suit the unique nature of their business.

Recruitday, for instance, has launched an Applicant Tracking System that can be customized to add specific fields, forms, business rules, and more that a business needs when recruiting. This feature comes in handy in highly technical industries, where the recruitment process may need to be more specific. 


Enhance reporting with analytics

Built-in analytics and reporting features in an ATS can provide additional insights for making data-driven decisions. ATS analytics can help an employer determine where its best hires have come from when the best times have been to hire, identify bottlenecks in the recruitment process, and more.

Analytics can even help an organization pinpoint which departments may be struggling with productivity and need new hands. 


Savvier applicant engagement

An ATS can measure how an organization’s social media engagement relates to its hiring practices. Many systems today are doing things similar to content marketing on social media and measuring how it drives engagement with a potential pool of candidates.

With an ATS, recruiters can even give applicants a variety of short assessments that measure relevant skills and tendencies, which will help decide which resumes to prioritize.

In conclusion, an ATS is guaranteed to be a blessing for any HR department. Investing in an ATS is a move sure to boost productivity, improve the quality of work, and give any company a competitive edge. 

Over time, an ATS virtually pays for itself. 



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NOVEMBER 02, 2021