JULY 05, 2022

According to Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index report, 40% of people surveyed across 31 countries worldwide said they were considering leaving their employer. The explanation for this is that the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred people to look for a career that gives them more power, more flexibility, and a better life overall.  

Even Filipinos are not exempt from a renewed interest in switching jobs/careers. A survey shows that at least 77% of Filipinos are open to learning new skills for a different position to be employed. Workers who responded said they are willing to be retrained to “stay competitive” in the job market, especially with COVID-19 disrupting countless industries. 

Below are some signs that you’re on the wrong career path, and it might be time to make a shift.  

You need a break more and more often 

Needing to take a break now and then is perfectly understandable, and that’s what vacation leaves are for. Yet if you notice yourself needing to use up your leaves more and more often, that’s a red flag.  

It's true that being unhappy at work can also cause you additional stress; the problem is that stress can make you physically sick. According to Cleveland Clinic Medical Center, stress causes your body’s cortisol levels to stay elevated. Though cortisol allows you to stay alert, the problem is that it stifles insulin production and closes arteries. It can then lead to health problems such as poor sleep, anxiety, and even physiological reactions like nausea and headaches.  

If you notice the above symptoms becoming more commonplace, your current job may not be for you. 

You’re starting to slack off 

One rarely enjoys every single aspect of their job, but that doesn’t mean you can blow off tasks you’re not naturally skilled at, or you don’t want.  

A survey of senior managers in the workplace found that the reasons for slacking off are as follows 

  • a lack of motivation (which 57.7% of respondents admitted to)  
  • not feeling challenged (35.6%)  
  • feeling as if they’ve already achieved as much as they can (31.7%) 
  • simply boredom (29.8%) 

Phoning it in, especially to the point where your co-workers notice a decline in the quality of your work, might be a signal for some self-reflection. What is it about your work that’s so uninspiring? Do you think your skills would be better off somewhere else? If you’re about to start your career shift, you must be able to answer these questions.  

You keep hearing people say you’d be great somewhere else 

Sometimes other people spot it before you do.  

When people say something like “You’d be good at...” it could be a general compliment or a hint that you should be doing something else. Don’t just discount what they say. Learn to listen and take people’s feedback as constructive criticism, primarily if they work with you daily.  

You’re too adamant about keeping work and your personal life separate

Before anything else, a healthy work-life balance is crucial.  

Yet if you find yourself never going with co-workers for drinks after work (or any other type of social interaction), there’s something wrong. Your co-workers spend hours with you every single day; there shouldn’t be an aversion to getting to know them. 

One study found that 70% of employees say friends at work are the most crucial element to happy working life. Over half of all men surveyed said they would even refuse a higher-paying job if it meant not getting along with their new co-workers.  

If you see your job simply as a means to a paycheck and don’t see yourself ever making connections at work, it’s time to look for another job. 

You stay only for security 

Looking for a new job is not a walk in the park, but it should never keep you somewhere you’re not meant to be. Suppose you’re only staying at a job for a steady paycheck or other benefits like healthcare coverage. In that case, you won’t last very long. Similarly, staying at a job only for its benefits makes you sacrifice your career.  

If you spot the signs in your life, it may be time to shift careers. The good news is that there are countless platforms out there helping people upskill/reskill to cushion the blow of the transition. Educational platforms like Udemy and even LinkedIn offer numerous courses with the promise of a certificate afterward.  

Some platforms also help people looking to shift into a specific industry. For one, the career platform Recruitday focuses on offering tech courses and webinars. It has even worked with tech giants such as Microsoft to help fresh grads, career shifters, and professionals pursue the tech industry.  

There’s no reason for anyone to stay on a career path that doesn’t belong to them. With the above points, hopefully, the decision to start in the right direction will be more accessible than ever. 

Ready to join a tech workforce of driven and motivated professionals? Check the available tech jobs in your chosen track, register in training courses to upskill, or refer your friends and earn today. 

JULY 05, 2022