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About Cambridge University Press & Assessment - Manila

Why should you consider joining us?

Because you aspire to be part of a reputable global organization and a well-known brand.

Our brand and reputation is a product of close to 500 years of experience developing world-class learning and research solutions, and assessment programs in accord with the highest technical standards.  Today, we have more than 50 offices worldwide and over 6,000 high-performing employees.  Our products and services reach 170 countries and over 15 million customers worldwide.

Because you dream about making a difference and contribute to society.

Here at Cambridge, our purpose is simple – we unlock people’s potential with the best learning and research solutions, and provide excellence in education.  Our products and services help inspire learners all over the world to go further and to have the confidence to access a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities.

Because you aspire to be in an environment that supports you and demands the best of you.

To deliver on our promise to our customers, we know that we have to get it right with our colleagues first – the people responsible for developing our world-class products and services.  We invest heavily in the learning and development of our talent, because we know that it is the foundation to have a culture of innovation.  And we believe in empowering people, because it provides you the freedom to unleash your talent and develop your potential to the fullest.

Because you believe in equality, diversity and inclusivity.

As a global organization, we know that diversity in all its various forms is the key to our success.  We value and respect those differences, because it brings about a wide range perspectives on how we operate as an organization and how we act as a responsible and progressive member of society.   We are an inclusive workplace where opportunities to succeed are made available to those willing to take up the challenge.

Because you value your well-being.

We recognize and take our employees’ well-being seriously.   Our ways of working, benefits, policies and programs are orientated towards providing an environment which promote and support wellness.   We believe in being a partner of our colleagues to help them balance both the challenges of work and at home.

If the above inspires and excites you, surely you would want to know more.   Visit our company website and social media profiles to learn more about us and how we may be the company that matches your aspirations.

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