Game Developer

Video game developers transform a concept into playable content through coding, programming, and testing.


Video game development is a coveted career for individuals who love gaming. While it sounds exciting and fun, being a video game developer is not a simple task, and you need to continue leveling up to keep up. But first, what does a video game developer do?
They work with several game elements such as visuals, artificial intelligence, user interface, and game logic. A typical day for a game developer consists of the following tasks:
· Develop new game design ideas
· Translate visual ideas into code
· Prototype, iterate, and polish gameplay
· Work with designers, artists, quality analysts, and producers
· Keep track of stability in different platforms
· Review existing code and recommend improvements
· Port game or elements from one system to another
The gaming industry is massive, and video game developers have four types. One is the game developer who makes games for a single platform or console. Another is a second-party developer who develops specifically for a console. A third-party developer produces their games or makes one for other publishers. Last is the indie developer. From the name itself, indie developers develop self-funded games for small groups.
Whatever type of game developer you want to be, it’s crucial to choose a specialization and master it. This way, you can develop niche skills and succeed in them. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is inviting to employers, but what’s necessary is to build your foundational technical skills in cross-platform engines, unreal engines, C#, and C++. You may also take courses, attend gaming events, or start your career journey as a QA tester, which will allow you to test games and look for flaws and bugs.


The average monthly salary of a Game Developer in Philippines ranges between Php 30,000 - Php 180,000 (median: Php 60,000).

0 to 2 years experience

P30,000 - P60,000

(median: P0)

  • 30000
  • 60000

3 to 5 years experience

P60,000 - P100,000

(median: P0)

  • 60000
  • 100000

6 to 10 years experience

P100,000 - P180,000

(median: P0)

  • 100000
  • 180000

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