Baguio Central University

  1. We aim to nurture the development of the individual by inculcating Filipino values, which strengthen character, moral and intellectual development
  2. We aim to open our institution to all students, Filipinos or foreigners, who wish to learn and achieve primary, secondary, tertiary and highest levels of education.
  3. We aim to provide the necessary training and educational skills for the students to become productive and to be contributors to the Philippines and to the rest of the world.
  4. The BCU Administration, faculty, and personnel are committed to equipping students with quality higher education by adhering to our specific mission statements.
  5. Our banner is the seal of Baguio Central University. The eagle, large and powerful, with its strength to soar up high as leading country in Asia.
  6. Our university colors are gold and maroon. Gold radiates wealth in knowledge, wisdom, and high morals. Maroon stands for regeneration, personal development, and growth.

Fields of Study

The school has not yet provided the fields of study offered.

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