Asbury College

 As a leading educational center and provider of pre-school, elementary, high school and college education, Asbury College takes pride in offering the best quality and affordable education in a Christian environment. Asbury is dedicated to serving the needs of the youth of Anda and beyond, especially the poor, indigent and underserved.

         For more than 67 years of service, Asbury has produced hundreds of alumni who carry with them the spirit of Asbury's commitment to serve God and others. Asbury alumni live and serve in many different professional capacities not only in their own community (Anda) and country (Philippines) but also in other parts of the world. Some have taken leadership roles in government and politics. Some have become successful professionals in the fields of education, engineering, medicine, architecture and business to name a few. Through the school's excellent Christian Education program, Asbury has produced a good number of pastors and deaconesses whose young lives were first molded by Asbury's commitment in teaching Christian values, faith and service. Many of these church workers have retired and still many are serving churches in the island and beyond.

         Asbury College is a member of The Association of Philippines Schools, Colleges and Universities (APSCU) and The Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities (ACSCU)



Fields of Study

The school has not yet provided the fields of study offered.

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