Min. Work Experience

1 year

Educational Attainment

College Degree

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology or other related courses.
  • With at least 2 years of experience; fresh graduates with good scholastic records.
  • Knowledgeable in different business processes and must have a deep understanding of customer service.
  • With basic programming languages [C/#, Vb.Net, C++, MySQL, PhP, JAVA, Asp.Net]
  • Basic Web Design [HTML, HTML5] & Microsoft Office [Word, Excel, PowerPoint]
  • With strong analytical and logical skills.
  • Ability to express ideas both in written and oral form.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills working with colleagues and client in stressful situation.
  • Team player, Self-driven/self-motivated, Adaptable, flexible, trustworthy and highly reliable, organized, systematic and attentive to details.

Skills Required
Programming (Basic)
Flexible, Team Player, Systematic & Attentive to details (Basic)
Reliable, organized, with excellent interpersonal skills (Basic)
Job Description

The Programmer is mainly responsible for enhancements of new product features. He/She may create simple additional programs and/or utilities to supplement changes/modifications made by the Analysts. The Programmer also fix system/program error/s and perform data fixing at the client site or JSI office for such inconsistencies. It is important that he/she ensure that there is a proper documentation in everything he/she performed on the system/program and that these are supported by other written materials verified by his/her immediate superior.

 Willingness to learn and improve technical skills is a very important value that should be present to the Programmer. Efficiency and accuracy in all aspect of the job should be always be observed.

 The Programmer shall be reporting directly to the Team Leader, Department Manager or Department Head, whichever is assigned.

Job Details

Job Location

Makati City, Metro Manila

Employment Type


Job Category

Computer & IT

Work Schedule


Position Level



Government Mandated Benefits: [1] SSS [2] Pag

HMO Coverage

Flexi-Time for Technical & Consulting

Group Term Personal and Accident Insurance

Per Diem Allowance for Implementation Special

Travel Opportunities for Consulting & Sales

Overtime Pay

Flexible hours

Information Technology

51-200 Employees

Fri, 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM Mon - Thu, 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Office Number


Jupiter Systems Inc. (JSI) is a Philippine-based IT company dedicated to delivering business solutions for small, medium and large companies. JSI is one of the most experienced software houses in the Philippines and is a pioneer of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the country.

We are proud to be 100% Filipino-owned company with a Filipino-branded software in the global market.

Our core solution is ERIC, short for Enterprise Resource Information and Control a comprehensive and state of the art ERP system covering financial, distribution, manufacturing and personnel software applications. ERIC has extended its scope to include mobile and internet-based applications, making the workplace availableon the internet and on the road.

We have also made significant market footprints in turnkey development projects that address customer-specific business solution requirements outside the standard ERIC box. The company continues to evolve and today delivers leading-edge vertical solutions.

To further strengthen and expand our reach, we took on the exclusive Philippine Distributorship of Hongkong-based Oasis Hospitality Systems. This product line compliments the existing ERP software of Jupiter Systems and enables the company to offer an extensive end-to-end solution for the retail and hospitality industries.

Over the years, we have steadily increased our installed client base and business operations which include many prominent companies in the Philippines as well as Asia Pacific and North America.

We see to it that our products are constantly enhanced and improved through customer feedback and industry trends. We likewise ensure client satisfaction through our responsive client support group which helps clients with their implementation and post-implementation support needs.

Our track record proves our success in business as a provider and developer of innovative systems and solutions.



We believe that customer and market focus, world class quality and standards, consulting and development expertise, and new product releases are the keys to reaching new markets.


Truly global solutions must also work locally Jupiter Systems, Inc. (JSI) takes the best from the world to your local market to create solutions most suited for your business-solutions that fit. JSI is an expert in software development, business process consulting, e-business enablement, specializing in ERP for manufacturing, automotive dealerships, distribution companies as well as hotel and restaurants of the hospitality industry. Solutions

JSl's world class creation is Enterprise Resource Information and Control System (ERIC). It is an integrated financial, distribution, manufacturing, and personnel software application. First released in 1985, ERIC has extended its reach to include mobile and web based applications, enhancing its mobility and making the workplace available to the internet and on the road.


The implementation methodology for ERIC developed by JSI ensures efficient implementation of ERP applications that take into consideration business process, users, and software functionality Using this methodology, JSl ls Consulting and Client Services (CCS) Team completes projects right on schedule.

Market Synergy

JSl's Research and Development Team collaborates with our implementing consultants. Wherever you are doing business, this is an assurance that enhancements, fixes, and new products would reach you with greater speed and flexibility.

Customers and Partners

Over 1,000 companies from across the Philippines, Thailand , Hong Kong, USA and China make up JSl's customer base. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner.