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Mobile Developer Job Description

What does a Mobile Developer do?

Mobile Developers are a type of software developer that specialize in building applications for mobile devices. They work with multiple programming languages and operating systems depending on company or client requirements. They often work with product and design teams to create a complete mobile application. Mobile Developers may also be required to test and improve applications from clients. 

Other job titles for Mobile Developer

Mobile App Developer, Andriod/iOS Developer

Mobile Developer Salary in the Philippines

How much does a Mobile Developer make?

The average monthly salary of a Mobile Developer in Philippines ranges between Php 0 - Php 0 (median: Php 0).

Mobile Developer Skills & Qualifications

Skills required

Programming languages depending on platform (Java for Android

Objective-C for iOS

C# for Windows)

Native app writing ability

Cross-Platform app development

Mobile User Interface design

Backend computing (may include security

database management

hardware interaction)


Mobile platform APIs

Organization skills



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