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Mechanical Engineer Job Description

Other job titles for Mechanical Engineer

Equipment Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer, Application Engineer

What does a Mechanical Engineer do?

A mechanical engineer designs, develops, fabricates, tests and maintains mechanical and electromechanical products and systems such as assemblies, engines and machines. Mechanical engineers evaluate and improve equipment through research and the application of engineering concepts. They oversee installations and operations, as well as the maintenance and repair of these equipment and components. Candidates are expected to be familiar with CAD, development and analytics software.


Duties and Tasks: 

  • Read and interpret technical documents such as blueprints, technical drawings, schematics, and other computer-generated reports 
  • Research, design, install, operate or maintain mechanical product, equipment and systems to ensure they meet requirements and regulations 
  • Develop, coordinate, or monitor all aspects of production 
  • Investigate equipment malfunctions and recommend actions for repair or design modifications to eliminate machine failures 
  • Develop or test models to asses feasibility, sustainability, operating condition effects, new applications, or any modifications 
  • Recommend changes in design or process to improve performance, quality, or efficiency 


Technical Skills 

  • Computer aided design (CAD)  
  • Blueprint creation 
  • Drafting standards and geometric, dimension, & tolerancing (GD&T) 
  • Materials requirements, planning logistics, and supply chain software 
  • Strong mathematical skills 


Other Skills/Requirements 

  • Analytical skills – analyzing and evaluating product requirements to create systems or designs 
  • Good at problem solving and fault detection 
  • Knowledge of Engineering Fundamentals 
  • Organizational, project management, planning skills 
  • Good communication skills – written and verbal  


Additional Information 

In the Philippines, graduates of BS Mechanical Engineering must take and pass the Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination given by the Board of Mechanical Engineering to practice as a Licensed Mechanical Engineer. The exam is scheduled twice a year (February and August). 


Mechanical Engineer Salary in the Philippines

How much does a Mechanical Engineer make?

The average monthly salary of a Mechanical Engineer in Philippines ranges between Php 27,125 - Php 84,100 (median: Php 53,500).

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