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HR Manager Job Description

Other job titles for HR Manager

Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Director, Employee Relations Manager, Human Resources Administration Director

What does an HR Manager do?

HR Managers plan, direct, and coordinate the activities of the Human Resource department as well as other activities of an organization. They serve as a link between management and employees to handle questions, administer contracts, or resolve work-related problems. HR Managers may advise managers on organizational policies and recommend what needs to be changed or improved.


Duties and Responsibilities:

These are some of the core duties and responsibilities of an HR Manager

  • Direct and coordinate human resource activities such as employment, compensation, benefits, labor relations, training, or other employee services
  • Develop internal policies or directives on company policies
  • Coordinate or consult with legal counsels to ensure that these policies comply with the law
  • Respond to inquiries regarding policies, procedures, or programs
  • Provide guidance or counseling to management
  • Recruit, interview, test, or select candidates to fill vacant positions
  • Coordinates or conducts training and other employee development activities
  • Investigates accidents or incidents and prepares the necessary reports

HR Manager Salary in the Philippines

How much does an HR Manager make?

The average monthly salary of an HR Manager in Philippines ranges between Php 0 - Php 0 (median: Php 0).

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HR Manager Skills & Qualifications


These are some of the skills & qualifications an HR Manager needs. These may vary depending on the specific requirements of the business or organization.


Key Qualities/Abilities/Knowledge:

  • Personnel and Human Resources - Knowledge of the principles and procedures of HR practices and policies (recruitment, training, compensation and benefits, labor relations, personnel information systems, etc.)
  • Business Management Principles - Strategic planning and resource allocation
  • Management and leadership
  • Ability to motivate, develop, train, or develop people
  • Conflict resolution (settling disputes, resolving grievances, negotiating)
  • Highly organized
  • Written and verbal communication

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development Management, Organizational Development, or similar.

Skills required

Administrative Management


Employee Relations

Conflict Resolution


Verbal Communication

Written Communication

Microsoft Office

People Management

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