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Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer Job Description

Other job titles for Full Stack Developer

Web Developer, Software Developer, Application Developer

What does a Full Stack Developer do?

Fullstack Developers work with both the front and back-end of a website or application. They work on databases but can also build user-facing websites. Some Fullstack Developers work with clients during the planning phase of a project to determine what the requirements are for their website or application.

Fullstack Developers are usually familiar with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, as well as one or more back-end language. Fullstack Developers may need experience with project management, visual design, web design, as well as UI/UX design.


Skills Required:
Below are some examples of what skills a Fullstack Developer may need.

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript or other front-end language
  • One or more library (such as ReactJS or Angular)
  • Programming language (such as Ruby/PHP/Python)
  • Experience with databases
  • Version Control
  • Knowledge of security control and best practices
  • Some knowledge of web or visual design
  • Some knowledge on UX best practices/basic design

Full Stack Developer Salary in the Philippines

How much does a Full Stack Developer make?

The average monthly salary of a Full Stack Developer in Philippines ranges between Php 50,333 - Php 113,333 (median: Php 81,833).

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