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DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer Job Description

What does a DevOps Engineer do?

DevOps Engineers collaborate with software developers, system operators, and other IT professionals to manage and oversee code releases.  

They deploy updates and fixes and provide the necessary technical support. DevOps Engineers also build tools to reduce occurrence of errors and improve customer experience. DevOps Engineers may also develop software to integrate with internal back-end systems. 

DevOps Engineer Salary in the Philippines

How much does a DevOps Engineer make?

The average monthly salary of a DevOps Engineer in Philippines ranges between Php 0 - Php 0 (median: Php 0).

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DevOps Engineer Skills & Qualifications

Skills required

Version Control Systems (Git)

Software containerization platforms (Docker)

Automation testing (Selenium)


Scripting/Programming languages (JavaScript




Infrastructure knowledge

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