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Data Analyst

Data Analyst Job Description

Other job titles for Data Analyst

Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Reports Analyst, Data Warehousing Specialist, Business Intelligence Analyst

What does a Data Analyst do?

Data Analysts process and interpret data using data analysis tools to get actionable insights that help businesses make important decisions. They are adept at analyzing, cleaning and handling large datasets, developing databases and data collection systems, as well as running complex mathematical calculations. Mainly an analytical support role, it may involve using specialized statistical software to interpret and present data. They also gather information from various sources to interpret patterns and trends

Data Analyst Salary in the Philippines

How much does a Data Analyst make?

The average monthly salary of a Data Analyst in Philippines ranges between Php 18,000 - Php 50,000 (median: Php 27,697).

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Data Analyst Skills & Qualifications

Skills required

Programming languages (XML



Databases (SQL)

High analytical skills

Data interpretation

Data visualization

Data mining

Problem solving

Statistical knowledge

Mathematical skills

Data Analyst Articles

Training Courses for Data Analyst

Power BI: Advanced Data Shaping

This course will cover, using Power BI Desktop to import and shape data from a variety of different sources.

Provider: Anonimouse Technologies Inc.

1 Day (8 hours)
Online (Instructor-Led)
PHP 4,000

Power BI: Advanced Data Modeling

This course will walk through Power BI capabilities to enhance the data model for your business users. The course covers key aspects of create a great data model to meet your business needs, various features in Power BI to enhance data model for you and your organization to build great reports and introduction to DAX  to create calculations. In this course you also learn best practices on data models and various DAX calculation patterns.

Provider: Anonimouse Technologies Inc.

1 Day (8 hours)
Online (Instructor-Led)
PHP 4,000

Power BI: Advanced Visualizations

This course will cover the Power BI report layouts and structure the agile process to creating Power BI data visualizations. It will enable attendees to understand the art behind visualizations, implications behind choosing the right charts, the impact of color, shape and size, and finally the use of Power BI custom visuals. The course includes various design patterns of dashboards and reports and best practices to authoring great reports and dashboards for the business users.

Provider: Anonimouse Technologies Inc.

1 Day (8 hours)
Online (Instructor-Led)
PHP 4,000

Power BI: Paginated Reports in a Day Encore

The Power BI Paginated Reports in a Day will walk you through the technical knowledge required to create, publish, and distribute Power BI paginated reports.

Provider: Anonimouse Technologies Inc.

1 Day (8 hours)
Online (Instructor-Led)
PHP 4,000

Python Programming

The Python Programming course is an introductory course about Python as a General Programming tool.

4 Days (9PM-12AM)
Online (Instructor-Led)
PHP 5,000

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