Recruitday Scouts

Extend your recruitment team beyond your walls

Add a new sourcing channel through our Scouts network and they will help connect you to your next hire.

Meet the Recruitday Scouts

The Scouts are a growing community of professionals, part-timers, independent workers, and individuals who are always ready to refer quality candidates to your open positions - whenever and wherever you need them.

Across All Industries

The Scouts cover all major industries, allowing you to reach candidates no matter what your nature of business

Multiple Occupations

Having different occupations, they can give you access to their network of job seekers with similar experiences

Various Locations

Whether you are looking for candidates in Metro Manila or in other parts of the Philippines, the Scouts are located from Illocos Norte all the way to South Cotabato

Save time and effort sourcing candidates.

Supplement your recruitment team with our growing network of Scouts

They are always ready to connect you to both active and passive job seekers in their network, allowing you to reach more candidates faster.

Set a budget that works for you.

Reward the Scouts for every successful referral

Control how much you spend by setting the referral reward amount and schedule that fits your budget. Let us handle all the payouts so you can focus on the things that matter to you.

Finding talent is a very competitive field. Let our Scouts give you an edge.

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