Basic Principles for UI/UX Design

Every UI/UX designer needs to know the basic principles for UI/UX Design. Read on to learn what they are.


3 Companies Hiring Web Developers Now

Just because the year is almost over doesn’t mean companies aren’t hiring. Get ahead of 2020 with these three companies hiring web developers now!


The Contact Center Industry: What Can It Do for You?

The contact center industry in the Philippines has skyrocketed in growth over the last few years. The Philippines now holds up to 18% of the global Information Technology-Business Process Management (IT-BPM) market which totals USD$81–83 billion.


Management by Fear: Why It's the Enemy of Engagement

Do you constantly worry about losing your job, damaging your reputation, or feeling worthless and bad at what you do? You might not notice it right away and you may not necessarily have a scary boss, but your workplace may have a pervading culture of fear. However, all organizations should accept the notion that fear doesn't belong in the workplace.